What is this?
Online Flight Planner
MortenMay 29, 2020 22:56 (#4824)
Arghhh...a sad solution. I wish you find out out one day to get on top on what's seems to be so simple to solve and you could get deserved credit for for your fabulous initiative, my friend! What a drag..! :(
TomyxMay 29, 2020 21:45 (#4823)

I can't do anything as the problem is outside of Online Flight Planner. This application is using third party service to get the fuel calculation as it is clearly stated in the site description.
There will be always a chance that something won't be correct with third party services so the best solution if I refund your money and cancel your recurring payment.
I did exactly this.
Have a nice day!
MortenMay 29, 2020 19:24 (#4822)
...Had the impression that when donating you we would expect you to keep up maintenance in order to get things up to date..?
MortenMay 29, 2020 19:05 (#4821)

"@Morten OPIS is not supported by fuelplanner.com (the service that this application uses to fetch fuel calculation)."
I didn't get that..."Not supported"? Well will you get it supported then?!
TomyxMay 27, 2020 20:36 (#4816)
OPIS is not supported by fuelplanner.com (the service that this application uses to fetch fuel calculation).
MortenMay 27, 2020 18:11 (#4815)
No Fuel amount!
No Time!
for calculation VIDP-OPIS!
Will you clear out, please
JHAviationMay 21, 2020 22:36 (#4802)
Very intuitive and ease of access saves a lot of time when programming the fmc with over 50 waypoints for a long haul
EyadMay 16, 2020 04:55 (#4787)
Such a great tool, one of the best
thanks for your work
liyushenMay 09, 2020 04:49 (#4778)
Beijing Daxing International Airport has not been added in the airport library, so we can't find the exact route to take off or land at Daxing airport. Will Daxing airport be added in the near future? thank you!
SergeyNaumovApr 27, 2020 20:32 (#4768)
Thank you very much for your work, great job, can I ask you, please add Platov Rostov-on-don airport to the flight database, ICAO-URRP, now the old URRR airport is no longer working in the database, thank you