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Online Flight Planner
TomyxMar 18, 2018 21:21 (#2394)
Fuel information is now accessible from the details view. Useful if someone would like to see the fuel information for the flightplan after the generation process.
TomyxMar 18, 2018 20:37 (#2393)

Kg unit has been put back to the form.
TomyxMar 18, 2018 19:41 (#2392)
The app is using the virtualairlines.eu Fuel API from now on to get fuel infromations for the flights. It is better because it supports more aircrafts and it takes into account the real length of a flightplan instead of the length of a straight line between the two endpoints.
I hope this feature would be more popular in the long run than the fuelplanner variant was.

Currently it is not supporting kgs as fuel unit. Sorry for the inconvenience.
JRDMar 18, 2018 19:29 (#2391)
No longer able to choose fuel numbers in kg.. Is this a permanent change?
JesusRoderoMar 15, 2018 22:03 (#2390)
Are you planning to feature the new X-Plane 11.10 .fms file format that allows to include airways and procedures?
lucienMar 15, 2018 16:25 (#2389)

is there a way to insert how many passengers, bags, cargo weight in the loadsheet ??
some calculations in the routefinder loadsheet are false.............because it doesnt care about
how many people on board, cargo etc.........also for the fuel etc.......
SergeyMar 15, 2018 12:37 (#2388)
I noticed route URRP - URSS get fuel usage 21000 kg (for A320) and 16000 kg for B737, only for 325 nm route, i think is not correct calculations :)
PhilippMar 14, 2018 17:40 (#2387)
Hi Mate just wanna thank you for that awesome website makes flying much more fun
firuzza63Mar 13, 2018 17:46 (#2386)
great job mate!
TomyxMar 08, 2018 09:05 (#2384)
@MaRy, Maksym

I can't support any new file format without sample files, I don't own all of the products.
Thank you!