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JameshenApr 24, 2019 05:50 (#3555)

DannywalApr 24, 2019 05:41 (#3554)
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ustselApr 23, 2019 12:46 (#3553)
It looks like LTFM Istanbul hasn't been added to database yet.
ruschulzApr 21, 2019 14:21 (#3548)
Was macht man,wenn ein Flugroutenpunkt in x-plane11 FPLN und und die Angabe davor
nicht einfügbar ist.
Frage von rudolf-schulz1@freenet.de
BrianDenleyApr 20, 2019 01:41 (#3544)
Boston's Logan airport not listed? One of the US big cities?
IDCApr 18, 2019 17:46 (#3542)
the problem was with me. but i have fixed i think

TomyxApr 18, 2019 08:16 (#3540)

The application is working as expected as far as I know. The data quality is not the responsibility of this site.
idcApr 17, 2019 12:20 (#3537)
its seems your site has gone down or somthing cause when i type in airways in FMC. I get a fault and this has happend alot of times even if i generate a new flightplan. The same pops up agian wrong waypoint.
TomyxApr 15, 2019 08:54 (#3532)

The aricraft selection only affects the fuel calculation so you can select any aircraft to get a route.
D3structedApr 15, 2019 00:51 (#3530)
Is there a way to select a Concorde Airframe/Aircraft? I've been wanting to do a default Concorde flight but no website supports the Concorde routes which makes it unable and it's very frustrating! If there is a way, please do tell me!