What is this?
Online Flight Planner
TomyxJan 17, 2017 21:36 (#528)

Yes, usually it works.
SteveJan 17, 2017 19:13 (#527)
I enter kbos to kphl, and leave everything else default... and get error messages or too many server connections... blah blah blah. Does this work or not?
TomyxJan 15, 2017 17:12 (#526)

RouteFinder is down...
Orion12Jan 15, 2017 13:24 (#525)
Have been trying to get flight plans without much success. Most of the time the system is overloaded. This has happened from time to time but the past two days have been worse. If it is just a result of too many requests, no problems; I will just keep trying. Just to let you know. Thanks.
OlivierJan 12, 2017 07:35 (#522)
10/10 Yes The Site is busy but is amazing saves me so much time when flying the airbus x
JayJan 11, 2017 05:09 (#521)
Too many requests at once on the server. Very annoying.
tomiJan 10, 2017 21:42 (#520)
Too many requests at once on the server :( :( All the time...
jupagaJan 10, 2017 21:29 (#519)
Too many requests at once on the server :( :(
McAndreyJan 10, 2017 20:59 (#518)
Too many requests at once on the server!!! Again
BillsAirlineJan 07, 2017 13:52 (#517)
I enjoy your Site very much, have not been able to save new flight to the Right Hand Column so I can use them later , Can you help me .
Thank you