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AmberTicJun 01, 2023 01:01 (#9729)
Copper has a low resistance to electricity

Modern Uses For Copper

How is copper cathode made? Drilling down into copper production emissions

Copper, the Critical Material for Transportation Electrification

Copper Reserves: Top 5 Countries (Updated)

Copper in Antiquity
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JamesApr 05, 2023 18:04 (#9369)
Please add an option where we can manually select departure/arrival runways. I want to use this in VATSIM but since the website thinks I'm going to use 05L as a departure runway at EGCC it gives me the wrong SID. Great programme, but needs a little more work
TomyxApr 03, 2023 08:06 (#9359)
No problem, Brian, I updated it to YBSU.
BrianApr 03, 2023 00:43 (#9357)
Sorry I gave you wrong information when asking for YBMC to be changed to YBSC. It should be YBSU. Would you please make the correction. Again my apologies.
BrianMar 25, 2023 00:09 (#9314)
When planning a flight to/from Sunshine Coast airport in Australia, the designator (YBMC) in your program is wrong. The airport was renamed from Maroochydore to Sunshine Coast over 10 years ago and at that time the designator was also changed to YBSC.

Please amend your program to reflect this change as flight plans using YBMC produced by your program (which will not accept YBMC) are rejected when imported into aircraft.