What is this?
Online Flight Planner
FSXSimulationsOct 24, 2021 14:35 (#6869)
Runway selection for Departures and landing, like i have the active runways are 8L and 8R but the departure is 26L and 26R
MPSOct 12, 2021 17:44 (#6843)
Hmmm...No data here from OOMS to OPIS
Why is that?
DhruvSep 28, 2021 14:56 (#6768)
The map of India is not correct. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and you are showing it as disputed region. Shame on you 👎👎👎
YvesSep 06, 2021 18:40 (#6714)
I enjoy it, thanks a lot, very useful
DanielAug 23, 2021 16:13 (#6678)
Thank you for the service, but a lot of the time when I click "create flight plan" it gets stuck on the loading animation and never gives me the route.
MishalkisAug 23, 2021 09:59 (#6677)
Some problem with airport. Soft says UWSG doesn't exist, but it've been working for 2 yers already.
TomyxAug 06, 2021 09:10 (#6590)

Thank you!
This site is using routefinder to create routes and unfortunately it doesn't support sids/stars.
VCPpilotAug 06, 2021 07:18 (#6589)
An excellent alternative to SimBrief. Your site is very easy to use and beginner-friendly, not to mention that you have the latest AIRAC cycle available for use. There is one negative thing about this website. We have a choice to enable SIDs and STARs but we don't get any procedures given. Maybe a list of SIDs and STARs to choose from would be VERY HELPFUL for us and makes waypoint management much less of a headache. But in conclusion, this is an excellent alternative and I will definitely be using this website for the rest of my flying career.
DAL537Jul 20, 2021 23:33 (#6537)
awesome website!!!!! :D This really saved me some time with doing the math for the fuel and making my master plan! I will be using this a LOT more.
PacifickFR42Jun 29, 2021 14:49 (#6463)
no work