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Online Flight Planner
Merlin59Jan 22, 2018 21:07 (#2366)
Absolutely love your site! I found it when I bought Majestics Dash 8. It is a very necessary tool. It has most of the planes I fly as well. I was wondering if there might be any plans to add the Hawker 850xp to the list. This would make a great tool even better! Thanks again.
TomyxJan 22, 2018 20:48 (#2365)
- Universal Flight Management Computer (http://ufmc.eadt.eu/) export is now available
- Flight plan form options are now saved so no need to set the options over and over again
JamesBrownJan 15, 2018 17:26 (#2364)
Firstly, Happy New Year

I have a suggestion to save your resources. After I generate a plan I always forget to write down the fuel so after downloaded the files I have to return and generate again.
If you could include the fuel calculations on the details screen I would not need to regenerate. I know writing it down is best.

Love the site. I do have issues like CYYC - CYYZ. If SID enabled I always gets an error for Calgary. Other software like Pilot2ATC don't have any issues with using a SID for CYYC.

Thank you
AndresCruzJan 10, 2018 16:11 (#2363)
Could you please include the Airbus A340-600 on the aircraft list?
EthanJan 05, 2018 23:17 (#2362)
Greatest Flight planner ever. All it needs is SID/STAR feature and Altitude limits
EmreJan 04, 2018 15:05 (#2361)
Please add AIRAC 1801 as soon as possible. I want to get ready and complete everyting about the Vatsim, Toronto event, tomorrow
RonanJan 03, 2018 14:50 (#2360)
I have noticed that with all of the last flight plans I have made, it has given me the airway, DCT more than once and in the wrong place, this issue needs to be resolved as I can not input a flight plan while it is doing this!
TaminoDec 26, 2017 14:38 (#2359)
Why you dont say the SID/STAR and pls make a CAGO/PASSENGER Load option
DavidMartinDec 22, 2017 10:42 (#2060)
First time look at this site. New sim pilot. Absolutely love it. Really well done. I support what I use. When I am proficient enough to make use of this excellent site please be assured that I will support you.
OussamaDec 12, 2017 14:02 (#1451)
Hi dear I wondred if you can devlop a proprty to save vatsim vpl route format