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Online Flight Planner
hbjSep 07, 2022 00:49 (#8469)
could Airbus 220 be added?
DavidAug 23, 2022 12:06 (#8416)
My flight plans isn't loading up
VoldemarAug 16, 2022 05:44 (#8390)
there is no calculation of the amount of fuel for the CRJ 550 700, just yesterday it was, but not now. I would like to return the auto calculation. Thanks.
MARCEAug 12, 2022 09:31 (#8370)
Please, because it gives an error in this route LPMA-LPPD
aerfreshJul 15, 2022 10:24 (#8284)
Frage warum kommt bei einigen icao codes ein l im feld ?
RichardMay 04, 2022 10:21 (#7884)
Thank you very much Tomyx for the fast answer
TomyxMay 04, 2022 08:54 (#7883)
Thank you for asking. The database is an old version of ourairports.com from some 9 years ago. I don't update it constantly as this project is not in active development. However the airport list appearing when typing is just a help to choose an airport. The application is working with any airports supported by routefinder regardless if it appears on the list or not.
RichardMay 04, 2022 06:28 (#7882)
May I ask a question? What is the base of the airport-data? From where comes this data because this canĀ“t be from RouteFinder or similar else. So the question is from where get you the data from the airport-list? I ask because I read a lot of postings that some airports have outdated ICAO codes or are not included in the list.

So, what is your provider for the airport-data list?
Thank you
SebiApr 25, 2022 12:14 (#7853)
Doesnt work. Yesterday I created a Flightplan, today, the exact same route can not be found
nagApr 25, 2022 11:30 (#7852)
Great tool, But cannot see SIDS and STARS? When I create plan and select SID and STAR, the plan shows the words "SID" and "STAR" but no actual waypoint.
Anyway good tool