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Online Flight Planner
rsreoxlFeb 27, 2020 19:12 (#4597)
ThomaseluraFeb 27, 2020 11:12 (#4596)
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AriaFeb 19, 2020 01:42 (#4575)
Tried to do a plan from Keflavik in Iceland to JFK in New York - Plan sent me all the way to Norway before making the transatlantic crossing.
MomarFeb 10, 2020 20:08 (#4499)
can we get a program for this? plzz
KenAFeb 09, 2020 21:47 (#4495)
Any chance of being able to download and existing flight plan to the online flight planner, and if so how do I go about it. Am looking at the .pln extension.
TomyxFeb 07, 2020 08:46 (#4492)

Hi, Airbus A330.
Flyer65Feb 07, 2020 01:00 (#4491)
what format would I choose for Aerosofts new A330 professional please
TomyxJan 31, 2020 17:32 (#4483)

It's not exactly clear what is your problem. It sounds like some browser issue but I'm not sure.
ChowJan 30, 2020 23:41 (#4482)
Have done flight plan from Canberra to Sydney, all OK. When I hit the generated file text to save it it does not allow me to save to anywhere, just save file. I just get a box to open/save only.
Thanks Tony
TomyxJan 20, 2020 08:06 (#4464)

There is no possibility to do that because this flight planner uses the service of http://fuelplanner.com that supports the displayed aircrafts only.