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Online Flight Planner
AnthonysuiniNov 18, 2017 07:11 (#1227)
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sherwinNov 18, 2017 03:43 (#1226)
Fab10Nov 15, 2017 10:30 (#1222)
Cannot thank you enough for this, it is in use practically every day.
May I politely ask for a flight plan file format for the TDFi Boeing 717-200?
This would be very useful for many.
Thank you,
steveNov 10, 2017 04:31 (#1217)
Love your planner.
The only thing I would change is after going to fills if you go back to details ever thing is listed except the quantity of fuel needed for the flight. It is there right after you generate the flight but as soon as you retrieve the fills and go back to details the fuel load is not there.
MaRyNov 08, 2017 15:03 (#1212)
Thanks for the clarification.
The new V11 .fms format makes it possible to integrate SIDs and STARs. The current, old format V3 can not do this. Maybe onlineflightplanner.org can integrate this at some point.
AndreyNov 08, 2017 13:36 (#1211)
Add airplane airbus A350
TomyxNov 08, 2017 09:00 (#1210)

That means a waypoint will be inserted into the flightplan for which you can choose a sid or star in the FMC.
MaRyNov 07, 2017 11:51 (#1206)
In the route planner it is possible to select Use SIDs and Use STARs. What for? These are not saved in the flight plan.
CFG023Nov 01, 2017 09:32 (#1194)
Very practical handling, all necessary data provided. Sometimes the routefinder's availability is a problem, but that's not your of course.
One little bug: selected airac will be User but in the loadsheet 1509 is Display.
Nevertheless I live your product.
Best regards
TomyxOct 30, 2017 14:46 (#1193)
Thank you for all the kind words!
I started a poll about the site's future in August and I got the message and I won't shutdown the site. It has been more reliable in the recent weeks and it makes me happy :)

There is more news about the future: the new version of the site is in development for a while now. Initially I would like to implement all of the features that the current version has by using modern technologies and creating a better database structure. I expect that this itself will speed up the site. I plan to create a new user interface too that will be easier to use. With the new code base I will be able to implement new features more quickly and with less headache.
Timetable for the new version is uncertain because it varies how much time I can spend to do the rebuild but I can say that if everthing goes well the new site will be ready in the first half of the next year.