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BOEING737Feb 27, 2024 08:03 (#11327)
Sorry WIEE is active!!
BOEING737Feb 27, 2024 08:02 (#11326)
Current ICAO code: WIEE and old ICAO: WIPT Is no longer active!
BOEING737Feb 27, 2024 07:54 (#11325)
an airport in Indonesia is not in the system, although it is. ICAO: WIEE
TomyxFeb 14, 2024 09:10 (#11144)
It gets created for me up to AIRAC 2311.
datdogeFeb 12, 2024 00:29 (#11126)
Cant seem to create a flightplan using LPPR - LPMA?
DrmohammadFeb 09, 2024 18:27 (#11098)
Hi. I am a flight lover fron Iran. Thanks for your greate site. I have one suggestion. It would be greate if you add .gpx as an output file for flight plans.
ZebadeeJan 18, 2024 13:09 (#10932)
Wonderful tool, the only thing missing is the 747 200 for the Ready For Pushback Jumbo.
DIPUJan 02, 2024 16:00 (#10770)
In meinem Online Flugplan werden keine METAR Info angezeigt.
TomyxSep 27, 2023 07:44 (#10325)
Pls try here http://rfinder.asalink.net/free to see if your flight plan would work there because this application is fetching routes from there.
DavidSep 25, 2023 21:46 (#10320)
What has happened to your flight planner? It no longer will create a plan and instead returns a message saying that no route between selected airports is possible with selected options. No set of options will work.