What is this?
Online Flight Planner
pietFeb 24, 2017 23:23 (#609)
extra servers??
nharris792Feb 23, 2017 11:05 (#608)
It's no good saying it can't find a flight plan 'with these settings' without an indication of which settings are incorrect. It needs to find a flight plan and say these are the settings (eg flight level appropriate to the model of aircraft and distance)
HenningRFeb 16, 2017 21:22 (#598)
Can you also make for the BlackBoks Airbus.
Using .afp
FabioLagattollaFeb 13, 2017 15:07 (#592)
I think the world of OFP, and have used it always.
Is there an issue with fuel calculations at the moment?
For 767 & 777 types (and probably more), the calculations are much too high.
bodean713Feb 12, 2017 08:04 (#588)
The planner will not create a plan for airport Kl38 Gonzales Regional. It will show up when put in but it will either come up with an error message or sit an spin.
JosephHallalFeb 09, 2017 18:30 (#585)
Hi i was wondering if someone can answer this question. i am trying to go from kbos to egll i have tried a lot of settings but it cannot generate a flight plan can someone help with the right settings to get this plan
EliFeb 09, 2017 17:14 (#584)
Hey Tom is it possible for you to add simpler metars here to see which runways are active? just for noobs like me :P
DANhFeb 06, 2017 22:12 (#578)
I really appreciate the complete route delivered with fuel amounts.
MichARomFeb 01, 2017 20:19 (#571)
too many requests with rfinder... how can I do to havn't it no more??
EMoffattFeb 01, 2017 18:20 (#570)
Too many request