What is this?
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TomyxApr 21, 2018 20:52 (#2447)

This means exactly that the message said. An essential third party service is not working so route generation is not possible.
TodorApr 21, 2018 17:43 (#2446)
Hi, I'm getting this error message everytime I'm trying to create a flight plan:
"Error: RouteFinder responded with the message "Too many requests at once on the server".
It means the service that this application is using to fetch routes based on the input parameters isn't working properly.
It's important to know that this error has nothing to do with this application or its server.
I apologize for any inconvenience that this unfortunate situation may cause to you but I, as the developer of this app, can't fix this error."

Is this a temporary error? And what does it mean exactly?
FL300Apr 17, 2018 19:32 (#2443)
Great site! fast and easy!
SamApr 13, 2018 00:58 (#2440)
Hi:) Very nice site, but Airport VOGO Dabolim GOA no possible for select
TomyxApr 12, 2018 17:17 (#2439)

There weren't any changes in the fms file generator. The output is the same as 2 years ago so I can't see any reason at my side that could cause this kind of problem.


Thank you, have fun!
DionApr 12, 2018 16:20 (#2438)
Love ur site keep doing it! :) use it everyday!
RobertApr 12, 2018 15:10 (#2437)
I have noted the new separate orders for X Plane 10 and 11. Thank you. But this does not completely answer my request. Two years ago, when creating a route in OFP, it was automatically downloaded to the FMS console of some aircraft. It's no longer the case now. Do you have an explanation for this?
TomyxApr 11, 2018 17:28 (#2436)

There is now two fms files. 1 for X-Plane up to 10 and 1 for X-plane 11. I think you downloaded the XP11 compatible file. The old one should still work for you because I didn't touch it.
RobertApr 10, 2018 18:12 (#2435)
I am afraid I did not express myself well in my previous note. Here is the information that appears when I want to enter a plan in my FMS box:
"I could not deal with this flight plan file!
Output / FMS plans / EGBBEGGP.fms
Aircraft / EMBRAER 170 / SSGE-170LRXP10v2.acf "
Thank you for your help.
RobertApr 10, 2018 17:04 (#2434)
I used ONE FLIGHT PLANNER a lot with X Plane 10 and in direct connection with my simulator aircraft. Now I can not connect flyght plans anymore. Is this normal? I regret it a lot.

thank you for your answer