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Online Flight Planner
StefanMar 16, 2021 12:51 (#5958)
Good afternoon! It is not possible to build a route bypassing Ukraine
ThierFeb 08, 2021 17:12 (#5868)
Hello, GOBD airport is missing. GOBD is replacing GOOY since 2018.
GeorgeFeb 06, 2021 02:58 (#5863)
trying to fly from heathrow to jfk and its routed me through the south atlantic past france and africa which does not seem right
AlexanderJan 11, 2021 20:11 (#5817)
Hello. I’m user of your website. But I can’t plan a route to the UWSG (Gagarin Saratov). If you can, please add this airport in your base. Thank you! Disk.Evdokimov@yandex.ru
MortenJan 02, 2021 21:38 (#5783)
I can only agree with "delta", so THANK YOU INDEED!!!
However, just now ran into one tiny error now...
ETTN - ENTZ: "Flightplan rejected, first waypoint to near the airport" - the first waypoint is not editable, therefore no workaround :(
deltaDec 10, 2020 10:12 (#5662)
congratulations to your flight planner which is really very realistic. I like it very much.thank you very much.
HakanNov 17, 2020 09:31 (#5539)
I receive: Error, couldn't find routing between 2 given fixes.
timiOct 26, 2020 17:50 (#5442)
Very good, easy and simple.
TFF641Sep 20, 2020 08:30 (#5361)
Top side easy and simpel
TomyxSep 19, 2020 07:57 (#5360)
Hi Werner,
I'm not able to do too much because this application only uses routes got from third pary site (http://rfinder.asalink.net/free) and writes them to various file formats.
I'm sorry and thank you for your kind words!