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MaksymMar 07, 2018 11:35 (#2383)
can I add an An-24,26 plane ???
MaRyMar 01, 2018 21:38 (#2382)
Will the Aircraft Flight Factor A320 be supported soon?
TomyxFeb 22, 2018 09:09 (#2379)

I can't support any new file format without sample files, I don't own all of the products.


What is the problem in details?
NawfalFeb 22, 2018 00:24 (#2378)
Please add support for the A350-900, thanks!
sbjrFeb 21, 2018 23:01 (#2377)
how do I export??????
TomyxFeb 21, 2018 09:44 (#2376)
https://www.aviationweather.gov does not provide this information now (at least it responds with a meaningless xml) so I will use a different provider soon to get the metar data. Sorry for the inconvenience.
TomyxFeb 21, 2018 09:32 (#2375)
Currently METAR information is not available. I need to check what is the problem.
TPA121Feb 11, 2018 03:29 (#2374)
Seems everything is working Great. Could you please add export for X-FMC .fpl files. This would be so great for us X-planers. Thanks for all your great work..
SayedFeb 05, 2018 19:06 (#2373)
hello guys,
i like this website so much ,,thank you for makeing but pls make routes file for blackbox a330 and a340 plss
EdwarxFeb 03, 2018 14:52 (#2372)
I'm no professional pilot but why the hell must I go through Africa to get from Kyoto to Tokyo?