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JoaoAugustoJun 11, 2018 20:33 (#2496)
The Error on Find rout "SBJU Not is FIX" But why ? SBJU (Juazeiro) it's a very moviment aircraft.
S2KureiguJun 01, 2018 20:26 (#2481)

When exporting to FS9 Format, my Flightplan defaults to Direct, rather than using the specified airways for vectoring :(
S2KureiguMay 30, 2018 22:09 (#2479)
Excellent tool! Please add Learjet45 to Aircraft list.
TedstrikerMay 30, 2018 17:07 (#2478)
BlackBox Sim A330??
TomyxMay 29, 2018 19:56 (#2476)
You need to know that you can use ICAO codes that are not in this app's database because Routefinder's database independent of this application and this app is just using the route that Routefinder generates for it based on the input parameters.

If you provide sample files then I can investigate if a file generator could be made. Thank you!
WoodyMay 27, 2018 20:45 (#2474)
What I miss, is the option to download flightplans for Vpilot or Squawkbox.
AbbasMay 27, 2018 20:33 (#2473)
Good Evening
This is highly Requested with Respect to the owner of site please update all major airport of Pakistan i saw there is only medium four airports which not be used mostly so please update and all it help with us easy and quickly thanks for it

Black4956May 25, 2018 16:49 (#2471)
I was looking for a flightplanner which was able to create UFMC-routes for my SSG 747-8. Now I'm very happy with this useful tool! The best for me so far!!!
TomyxMay 18, 2018 20:46 (#2466)
The CheckWx API wasn't available that caused the problem. I use a fallback method now to get METAR.
Everything should work well now.
TomyxMay 18, 2018 20:30 (#2465)
Server is not working properly at the moment. I'm investigating...