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BrianMar 25, 2023 00:09 (#9314)
When planning a flight to/from Sunshine Coast airport in Australia, the designator (YBMC) in your program is wrong. The airport was renamed from Maroochydore to Sunshine Coast over 10 years ago and at that time the designator was also changed to YBSC.

Please amend your program to reflect this change as flight plans using YBMC produced by your program (which will not accept YBMC) are rejected when imported into aircraft.


PeterMar 14, 2023 09:34 (#9265)
Very useful programme. May I suggest following improvements:
1. Easy printing button for just the Waypoints list Fuel details and the route map.
2. Easy "Save" function. (Present save instructions unclear).
ArmaanMar 13, 2023 16:08 (#9264)
website loading time is very slow. Try to inplave it otherwise the website is awesome we can manually choose AIRAC cycle.
BazzaMar 08, 2023 17:00 (#9250)
Not working. Refuses to recognise EGCC as departure airport
LincolnimpMar 01, 2023 11:23 (#9230)
Thank you so much for this tool it is awesome
KevinClagsFeb 18, 2023 10:38 (#9205)
Hello! How to contact support?
MartinZuberFeb 07, 2023 11:27 (#9153)
Error: Departure point LTFM not found in RouteFinder's database.
not clear why?
Martin Zuber

BrianJan 15, 2023 06:49 (#8975)
"Couldn't find a routingbetween the 2 given fixes with these setting". Can you please help / explain error message? For a simple flight EGKK to EGPD. Many thanks
AdamJan 12, 2023 03:41 (#8964)
The route from BIKF, Iceland to eastern America is not proper, I can't get a straight route. Please check out the problem, thanks.
GokhanJan 09, 2023 17:37 (#8952)
Please add LTFG alanya gazipasa airport.