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BradJul 21, 2017 15:15 (#942)
@Timi you dont need a Vpilot option because its easy enough to set up all you do is enter the Departure ICAO and the Arrival ICAO and place your route in there and thats it, but make sure that you change the part where it says SID and STAR to what SID/STAR you have chosen.
TimiJul 17, 2017 10:17 (#931)
Is there coming vPilot/Vatsim format?
TomyxJul 15, 2017 20:29 (#930)

You need to use ICAO codes for airports on the form.
Bournemouth Airport's ICAO code is EGHH.
DomJul 15, 2017 18:22 (#929)
Error: Fix BOH, UK not found in RouteFinder's database.

Staggering omission for international airport
timJul 07, 2017 17:41 (#914)
fuel for a350
Seth07Jul 07, 2017 11:06 (#913)
It will be much better, if we have page, where placed all routes, and we can sort him by popularity, date and other.
DetcordJul 02, 2017 18:04 (#907)
Thanks for the great service you're providing. Saves me a lot of time and effort.
follettjJun 30, 2017 13:55 (#902)
too many requests .......
gustavoJun 30, 2017 13:08 (#901)
please limit the number of plans one user can do in an amount of time. the service is unusable for most of the day because of too many requests
AndreaJun 29, 2017 06:19 (#898)
hey now is working!!!