What is this?
Online Flight Planner
LincolnimpMar 01, 2023 11:23 (#9230)
Thank you so much for this tool it is awesome
KevinClagsFeb 18, 2023 10:38 (#9205)
Hello! How to contact support?
MartinZuberFeb 07, 2023 11:27 (#9153)
Error: Departure point LTFM not found in RouteFinder's database.
not clear why?
Martin Zuber

BrianJan 15, 2023 06:49 (#8975)
"Couldn't find a routingbetween the 2 given fixes with these setting". Can you please help / explain error message? For a simple flight EGKK to EGPD. Many thanks
AdamJan 12, 2023 03:41 (#8964)
The route from BIKF, Iceland to eastern America is not proper, I can't get a straight route. Please check out the problem, thanks.
GokhanJan 09, 2023 17:37 (#8952)
Please add LTFG alanya gazipasa airport.
TomyxJan 07, 2023 15:51 (#8943)
You can contact them here -> rfinder at asalink.net if you would like to.
JetdodgerJan 06, 2023 21:07 (#8942)
Tomyx, thanks for the reply. I understand you to be saying that RouteFinder is where the problem lies. How do we get the feedback to RouteFinder?
ZacharyNepJan 06, 2023 18:59 (#8941)
Aloha, makemake wau eʻike i kāu kumukūʻai.
TomyxJan 06, 2023 09:04 (#8939)
Hello Jetdodger,

Thank you for your feedback, however the problem is not in this application as it's just using RouteFinder to generate routes and create files based on its data.