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follettjMar 14, 2017 14:19 (#645)
I can not get any routes.... taking more than 5 mins to load then coming back with cant get route or too many request???
TomyxMar 14, 2017 13:25 (#644)

No, everything is working fine.


Routing is fetched from RouteFinder so I can't fix problems related to actual route generation.


I will overview x-plane 11's file format and I will see what can be done to support it here.
follettjMar 14, 2017 13:17 (#643)
Is there any system errors at the minute?
MegaFlyCraftMar 13, 2017 15:48 (#641)
I use your website a lot and have encountered a flight that just wont plan, KBOS > PANC, just wont do it, they're larger airports so they should really work
GeorgMar 10, 2017 19:25 (#636)
Excelent and really helpfull. Appreciate
Topgun966Mar 09, 2017 19:43 (#633)
Will there be support for Xplane 11?
KDTWflyerMar 05, 2017 04:39 (#624)
Awesome for getting fuel information and getting a close to real world route summarized in the standard code form that I can copy and paste right into X-FMC for X-Plane.
AntonMar 02, 2017 20:13 (#620)
Brilliant work, thank you so much!
Ronakjoshi12Feb 25, 2017 00:52 (#610)
Too many requests at once in the server???????
pietFeb 24, 2017 23:23 (#609)
extra servers??