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StefanDec 28, 2019 19:09 (#4417)
Hello, I'd like to suggest adding the option to export the flight plan in .vfp format, because that's what xPilot uses, and it's a pretty big missing feature on this site. Otherwise no problems, thanks!
hourtDec 26, 2019 12:32 (#4413)
can we take a radial other than those on skyvector

thank you.
klausDec 08, 2019 18:05 (#4391)
It is not possible to make a flight plan to the UKFF airport from many points (for example, ULLI or UUDD). At the same time, short routes like URSS UKFF are created
SingaporeATCNov 27, 2019 07:29 (#4378)
Please rectify the erroneous routings for some WSSS flights :] Thank you!
WSSS-OMDB initially should be AROSO Y339 GEMAS B466 GUNIP ....., and not MASBO A457 AGOSA R467 GUNIP.

MASBO A457 is only valid for flights WSSS-WMKK/WMSA, or to SALAX waypoint
for which the latter would be MASBO A457 GUPTA Y340 SALAX ....

For other flights:
- AROSO Y339 GEMAS B466 *SUKAT* A457
- AROSO Y339 GEMAS B466 *GUNIP* N571
- AROSO Y339 GEMAS B466 VBA G582 *PUGER* P574/R461
AnthonyNov 27, 2019 05:13 (#4377)
Include Cirrus Vision SF50 please
XBulienNov 24, 2019 19:37 (#4374)
Thx for this planner! Good job, @Tomyx!!!
XRumerTestNov 24, 2019 14:43 (#4373)
Hello. And Bye.
REALPILOT1948Nov 18, 2019 11:56 (#4367)
LukasNov 11, 2019 17:04 (#4358)
Bei Flugzeug, den Airbus a350 mal hinzuf├╝gen.

Ansonsten, TOP Programm!!!!
KinoNov 04, 2019 08:54 (#4345)