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TomyxJun 20, 2018 08:21 (#2507)
The cruise altitude is the same as the max altitude range that you can select on the form.
DonyJun 19, 2018 18:07 (#2506)
Can you add the altitude cruise?
EliJun 16, 2018 00:47 (#2502)
Having a problem trying to use KBOS as a departure airport. No matter where I go
TomyxJun 12, 2018 19:47 (#2499)

Message was sent.
TybinJun 12, 2018 16:28 (#2498)
i use your app regulary and have recently approached a strange behaviour: site has thrown an error stating that server used for planning was to busy to respond, and did so several times in a span of 15 seconds. I wanted a route from KLAX to KJFK, and selected ceiling for that route to be FL390. As soon as i changed it back to default, which is FL330 I belive, everything went smoothly. It could be coincidence, that the server had a free socket after the change, but perhabs it is a bug since I haven't noticed an error like that ever before and I usually don't change altitudes either. Maybe 747 (PMDG) isn't fit to fly that high with fuel needed for the flight and that caused the problem, i don't know.

PS. If you would be so kind and messaged me back after investigating, that would be great. I'm a web-developer myself, couldn't find any errors in Chrome's doctor, and the one in question has been succesfully catched. jtybinski@gmail.com
JoaoAugustoJun 11, 2018 20:33 (#2496)
The Error on Find rout "SBJU Not is FIX" But why ? SBJU (Juazeiro) it's a very moviment aircraft.
S2KureiguJun 01, 2018 20:26 (#2481)

When exporting to FS9 Format, my Flightplan defaults to Direct, rather than using the specified airways for vectoring :(
S2KureiguMay 30, 2018 22:09 (#2479)
Excellent tool! Please add Learjet45 to Aircraft list.
TedstrikerMay 30, 2018 17:07 (#2478)
BlackBox Sim A330??
TomyxMay 29, 2018 19:56 (#2476)
You need to know that you can use ICAO codes that are not in this app's database because Routefinder's database independent of this application and this app is just using the route that Routefinder generates for it based on the input parameters.

If you provide sample files then I can investigate if a file generator could be made. Thank you!