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AdamJan 12, 2023 03:41 (#8964)
The route from BIKF, Iceland to eastern America is not proper, I can't get a straight route. Please check out the problem, thanks.
GokhanJan 09, 2023 17:37 (#8952)
Please add LTFG alanya gazipasa airport.
TomyxJan 07, 2023 15:51 (#8943)
You can contact them here -> rfinder at asalink.net if you would like to.
JetdodgerJan 06, 2023 21:07 (#8942)
Tomyx, thanks for the reply. I understand you to be saying that RouteFinder is where the problem lies. How do we get the feedback to RouteFinder?
ZacharyNepJan 06, 2023 18:59 (#8941)
Aloha, makemake wau eʻike i kāu kumukūʻai.
TomyxJan 06, 2023 09:04 (#8939)
Hello Jetdodger,

Thank you for your feedback, however the problem is not in this application as it's just using RouteFinder to generate routes and create files based on its data.
JetdodgerJan 06, 2023 01:46 (#8938)
I have done some more investigation and see that the inability to route over the north Atlantic seems to begin with cycle 0611. Cycles 610 and before seem to route more as they should. I was using EGLL (Heathrow) to CYYZ (Toronto) for these trials. On cycle 0610 and before, I get routes across the north Atlantic of 3521 nm. For cycle 0611, I get routing that dips to the south with a distance of 7017 nm for the same departure and arrival airports. The distance (great circle, I assume) indicated on the beginning page once the departure and arrival airports are entered shows 3081.6 nm. Sorry to inundate you with all this, but I am hoping to help you quickly isolate the issue so that it can be fixed.
JetdodgerJan 05, 2023 23:55 (#8937)
I have also tried EGLL (Heathrow) to CYYZ (Toronto) with cycle 2213. The resulting route again avoided the north Atlantic and went southerly to PINRU before beginning to come back more north and west across the Atlantic to CYYZ with 6564nm involved. This along with the results in my earlier message for ESSA to CYQB or to CYYZ seem to indicate missing paths across the north Atlantic. Hopefully, this will help narrow down the possibilities for what is causing the problem.
JetdodgerJan 05, 2023 23:16 (#8936)
There is a problem with route generation across the north Atlantic. An example of this is for routing between ESSA (Stockholm) and CYQB (Quebec). I have tried this using cycle 2105 and 2213 with the same result: a route is generated taking an easterly path across Russia and Siberia which is over 7000nm. The great circle distance is a bit over 3000nm. Similar results occur for ESSA to CYYZ (Toronto). The latter departure/arrival pair is a current airline route that I am sure is much closer to 3000nm than to 7000nm in the real world. Thanks for your efforts.
AleksandrDec 26, 2022 07:03 (#8892)
Hello, unfortunatelly unable create fpl between UUEE and LPPD, how can I fix this issue?