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Online Flight Planner
WernerSep 18, 2020 13:56 (#5359)
Hi Tomyx, congratulations to your flight planner which is really very realistic. I like it very much. It is far better than the flightplans generated by MSFS, where airways are missing and you can fly in the wrong way on a ione way airway. I think one aspect is missing. The algorithm finds the right STAR - fantastic, by the way! - but it is not reflected in the flightplan. For example: When I fly to LIPZ coming from France STAR OTGIG is suggested - correct! - and the flight plan includes OTGIG (correct!). But the STAR OTGIG requests that I continue to LAREN. The flightplan should at least say: OTGIG - LAREN - LIPZ, better OTGIG - LAREN - KIZAF - LIPZ. Thus, I still need to have a look in the Navigraph-charts or add LAREN and KIZAF to the .pln in MS Worldmap. Without doing that I would be lost at OTGIG.
TomyxSep 15, 2020 06:31 (#5352)
Yes, it will some day.
ChiefSep 15, 2020 02:31 (#5347)
Will this or does this support MFS 2020? xD
Sim1954Aug 31, 2020 19:24 (#5269)
Nice program thanks doesnt appear to support Cat Sim 767 Prepar 3d V4 that I can see anyway .. is that the case
AF4590Aug 26, 2020 11:44 (#5262)
Will this or does this support MFS 2020?
TitoAug 20, 2020 14:40 (#5248)
Will this or does this support MFS 2020?
JhonAug 18, 2020 23:50 (#5243)
Hello, i love that this program is free. However, having to sort through charts to find the right runways for landing is annoying, so i hope that the flight planner will include runway numbers too!
AWGMANJul 28, 2020 13:07 (#5191)
can we have it to supply Prepar3d v4.5 flight plans?
TomyxJul 27, 2020 15:27 (#5189)

This application uses the service of http://fuelplanner.com/ to show fuel data which does not support UNTT.
Pank85Jul 27, 2020 07:47 (#5188)
Hi! Why routes to or from UNTT can't calculate fuel and time?