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TomyxNov 20, 2018 18:14 (#2848)
@Meg4Volt, @BerndBangert

This application uses 3rd party services that provide the route and the aircraft list for fuel calculation. So possibly errors or list extension is not possible by only me.

Route provider: http://rfinder.asalink.net/free
Fuel calculation: http://fuelplanner.com
BerndBangertNov 19, 2018 21:17 (#2840)
Hello, I have entered LPPT Lisboa after LEPA. The plan then gives the route via Lanzarote to Mallorca. How so? I do not understand at all that the program chooses this route. Such a big detour.
Meg4VoltNov 19, 2018 20:48 (#2839)
Hi, great job for this site :-) but is it possible to get a airbus a350 for planing? Or is it almost the same as the A380-100? Best greetings
TomyxNov 08, 2018 20:04 (#2754)

You can still write this ICAO into the input field, it doesn't matter if it is on the pop-up list or not.
MustafaNov 08, 2018 19:23 (#2753)
You know Istanbul New Airport ( ICAO:LTFM) was opened in 29 Oct. 2018. But tehere is no LTFM in your databases. Please add LTFM into your database .
TomyxNov 07, 2018 13:57 (#2742)

Yes, I will add it. In the meantime good to now that you can use the airport even if it is not included in the list. Pls try it!
TurkishpilotNov 06, 2018 18:55 (#2740)
LTFM should be added.
TomyxNov 02, 2018 16:39 (#2732)
Google Maps route displaying has been removed because it seems that it is not free to use anymore. So I have to find some alternative solution.
mohaNov 01, 2018 10:43 (#2726)
The server is down
RodrigoNov 01, 2018 04:01 (#2724)
I'm getting error for SBIZ fix