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Online Flight Planner
pilot84Jan 12, 2019 01:33 (#3097)
can't get any flight plans at all not working with any settings at all
CepheiDec 02, 2018 21:33 (#2925)
Seems to be a problem with the STAR and the SID, without them it works. But finding STAR and SID on my own shouldn't be a big problem. Thank you for this great site!
TomyxDec 02, 2018 20:49 (#2924)

The route is provided by Routefinder (http://rfinder.asalink.net/free) so I can't fix any routing problem.
CepheiDec 02, 2018 18:04 (#2923)
Why can't I generate a plan from KLGA to KLAX? It says "Error: Couldn't find a routing between the 2 given fixes with these settings.".

Settings were: KLGA->KLAX, Boeing 747-400, AIRAC 1611, Altitude (min/max) 280/380, both level
DonatDec 02, 2018 16:47 (#2922)
thank you to fix the problem with the .pdf file - at least to get the flight plan!
jmadureira78Nov 29, 2018 14:45 (#2908)
Muito bom este site. meus parabens...
shamosayerNov 25, 2018 13:27 (#2875)
Great. Thanks for the prompt response
TomyxNov 25, 2018 11:03 (#2874)
It is not possible because Routefinder doesn't support them. Only their end or start point.
lephaNov 25, 2018 01:46 (#2867)
pls add sids and stars for LTFM
TomyxNov 24, 2018 20:56 (#2866)
@Donat, @Shamosayer

I fixed the problem. It occured when one of the airports was unknown to Fuelplanner.com the site what this application uses to fetch fuel calculation data. The fuel sheet of the pdf file is still empty in these cases but the file can be downloaded for the flightplan at least.