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MPSJan 01, 2022 22:47 (#7265)
Hello again my friend
You wrote regarding to Porto LPPR route errors:
"The actual route planning is based on third party service which means I can't do anything to get it fixed. Thank you for your understanding!"
By update of the AIRAC cycle from 2112 to 2113 things has now been solved! Another time it would be nice it you would be more specific instead of just writing "third party service" - personally I have hundreds of third party services.. :)
Anyway, thanks indeed for your great work and a happy new year to you!
altDec 26, 2021 17:22 (#7240)
kann man diese Webseite bitte mal updaten, hab gelesen die ist vom Jahr 2009 manche Wegpunkte findet mein Flieger nicht 737-800
sadDec 26, 2021 04:46 (#7238)
Doesnt work anymore RIP
GuyFromRussiaDec 24, 2021 10:35 (#7230)
Why Simferopol airport is Ukraine? It is Russian!
MPSDec 15, 2021 20:13 (#7209)
Hey now!
"Error: Couldn't find a routing between the 2 given fixes with these settings".
is now all over the place - which makes your planner totally non reliable!
Please fix!
Cheers, Morten
falcon2006Dec 15, 2021 09:39 (#7201)
Online Flight Planner , no running ?
AnubhavDec 12, 2021 03:47 (#7184)
add ZBAD airport plss
MPSDec 11, 2021 22:42 (#7181)
Subject: Porto LPPR

Hmmm.. turns out that it also involves errors regarding to routes TOWARDS LPPR - that is, if your calculation setup includes STAR. In other words, this also has to be implemented manually into the flightplan in the cockpit. So is that! - however I never really understood your explanation for this lack of support for LPPR SID/STAR which haven't been a problem before now!! So what the heck is going on all of a sudden?
FSXSimulationsDec 11, 2021 19:58 (#7179)
What is the runway selection based on? Real life active runways?
MPSDec 11, 2021 15:16 (#7178)
Subject: Porto LPPR

Okay, seems that the problem occurs when including SID's in your route calculation here.
When not included, the calculation works fine. So guess I just have to ad that later on when in the cockpit - actually more realistic, so what the heck :)