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MPSDec 11, 2021 15:16 (#7178)
Subject: Porto LPPR

Okay, seems that the problem occurs when including SID's in your route calculation here.
When not included, the calculation works fine. So guess I just have to ad that later on when in the cockpit - actually more realistic, so what the heck :)
TomyxDec 10, 2021 08:42 (#7165)

The actual route planning is based on third party service which means I can't do anything to get it fixed. Thank you for your understanding!
MPSDec 09, 2021 21:54 (#7162)
Hello friend
Suddenly there's a problem with any route going to Porto Intl. LPPR. Announcing irrational errors, no matter of witch route that LPPR is connected with.
Would be nice if you could sort this out.
FSXSimulationsYTNov 30, 2021 22:24 (#7103)
Good planner, but we need to have the ability to select runways, like if there is a SID for lets say 27L, it isnt there on 9L, so please fix it.
GuestNov 26, 2021 10:36 (#7080)
Your database seems a bit too new for default xplane. I'm broke so I don't update navdata, at all. So it would be helpful to give routes with all waypoints in the default database
TomyxNov 22, 2021 20:42 (#7056)
Hi VCPpilot

The application can support only those aircrafts which are supported by this service http://fuelplanner.com/
VCPpilotNov 21, 2021 01:22 (#7042)
Hello again! Love using your flight planner. One request (if able to do so). Can you please add the Concorde to the aircraft selection list? Would be nice to attain the fuel figures. Thanks!
RichardNov 07, 2021 10:24 (#6910)
Hi there.

I love your flightplanner. Is it possible to make any export for Reality XP GNS530 GPS? It uses FPL extension, but the FPL that exist in your flightplanner is not compatible with GNS530.
FSXSimulationsOct 24, 2021 14:35 (#6869)
Runway selection for Departures and landing, like i have the active runways are 8L and 8R but the departure is 26L and 26R
MPSOct 12, 2021 17:44 (#6843)
Hmmm...No data here from OOMS to OPIS
Why is that?