What is this?
Online Flight Planner
TomyxAug 27, 2019 09:15 (#4111)
The application uses http://fuelplanner.com to get fuel calculations therefore it can support only those aircrafts available there.

EDDM is there, it can be used.
Salami46Aug 27, 2019 07:47 (#4110)
Flughafen EDDM kann nicht in der Datenbank gefunden werden, obwohl in der Liste ausgwählt?
JXCAug 26, 2019 21:11 (#4109)
Any chance you could add the SSG 747-8i in your list of aircrafts? Thanks
YoungAug 24, 2019 08:30 (#4106)
Website is great!!!!
It's way more better to have airport departure or approach progress advise. :)
JensAug 15, 2019 18:54 (#4070)
good flight planner, but when will the Airac cycle be renewed?
Meanwhile, the 1909
abrow100Aug 15, 2019 16:42 (#4069)
When I do my Xplane 11 ones it can give me waypoints that don't work
A320Aug 13, 2019 08:13 (#4052)
Best Free Planner website
TomyxAug 09, 2019 09:36 (#4049)

Thank you!

This application uses Fuelplanner's service (http://fuelplanner.com) to add fuel calculation for the flights. I have no chance to change what they send back to me.
JamesEnnAug 08, 2019 14:11 (#4043)
first of all good job on creating something useful for us FSimmers.... However I am noticing these last 2 days (7th & 8th August) I am noticing incorrect flight times & hence the 'use of more fuel' to be planned & taken on board.....
2 flightplans;
LTFM-LMML A320 fuel usage 32,813 lbs time 05:59 (normally this is a 2hr flight)
LTFM-OMDB A330 fuel usage114,655 lbs time 09:02 (normally this is a 4.25 flight)

Hope you rectify this.

Keep up the good work

TomyxAug 07, 2019 10:00 (#4030)

Pls specify the exact data that you enter into the form.