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Online Flight Planner
RulerMar 23, 2019 13:49 (#3416)
Hello and thank you very much for excellent tool. Everything works fine, except for creating flight plan to Billund (EKBI), Denmark. I can't figure why I always receive error only for this airport. Is it by me or nobody can fly there?
TonMar 20, 2019 10:44 (#3405)
By the weather switch the program the Destination and Departure. By Depart stand the airfield for arrival and Destination the airfield for Depart. The data for weather of both airport is correct.
KlausMar 13, 2019 07:20 (#3342)
Do not create plan files for 2 days. Is it all right now?
EdwinGraloMar 07, 2019 15:31 (#3334)
Hello. And Bye.
QuaxFeb 25, 2019 11:09 (#3318)
Bin sehr begeistert von diesem Programm!
TomyxFeb 24, 2019 15:07 (#3317)
It makes me happy that you like it :)
AllanFeb 23, 2019 21:01 (#3316)
Nice to see route maps back!
Just want you to know how much my friends and I use and depend on your site.
Nice Work!
IslamOmarFeb 19, 2019 20:07 (#3306)
There are an error in destination specially menku it very far and dosent exist in map
TomyxFeb 18, 2019 21:03 (#3302)
I added a new solution to show the route on a map.
Rodder37Feb 18, 2019 08:44 (#3291)
Thank you for doing this! I use Online Flight Planner the most.