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Online Flight Planner
ShamosayerNov 24, 2018 09:55 (#2862)
If the donate payment option was in English and had paypal option I'd feel more secure donating.
Great site.

Just to let you know for sometime I've not been able to create files where the destination is LEMG. Not sure why?
DonatNov 23, 2018 23:20 (#2861)

thank you for your help!
TomyxNov 23, 2018 09:13 (#2860)

In the meantime you should know that the problem affects only pdf files so if you don't select it then you get the other files without problems.
TomyxNov 23, 2018 09:08 (#2859)

Thank you, I can see now the problem. It will be fixed soon, thank you for your patience!
DonatNov 22, 2018 20:07 (#2856)
additional information:
ie. LSGG to LSZA all OK
but LSZG to LSZA no creation of the files
DonatNov 22, 2018 12:39 (#2855)
I found out, that other Flightplans are working OK.

The problem Flightplan is from LSZG to LSZA or vice versa. I choosed cycle 1812 and 1708 (actually in my sim), neither is working. Type is Cessna II. The Flightplan will be generated correctly on screen, but afterwards it will not create the requested files. Very strangeā€¦.
TomyxNov 22, 2018 09:09 (#2854)
These file types are generally working because I can see that people are actively downloading them. So pls specify the exact parameters that you are trying to use on the form and I will see if I can reproduce a problem.
DonatNov 21, 2018 19:10 (#2853)
.fms (X-Plane 11)

after a flight plan has been created, I go to 'files', and then I'm waiting, waiting, waiting,...
TomyxNov 21, 2018 18:04 (#2852)
Pls specify what you are trying to do when you are experiencing problems. What parameters do you use?
DonatNov 21, 2018 17:14 (#2851)
at the time, it will not create files.
Is it a problem on your server, or do I have to search on my place?