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idcApr 17, 2019 12:20 (#3537)
its seems your site has gone down or somthing cause when i type in airways in FMC. I get a fault and this has happend alot of times even if i generate a new flightplan. The same pops up agian wrong waypoint.
TomyxApr 15, 2019 08:54 (#3532)

The aricraft selection only affects the fuel calculation so you can select any aircraft to get a route.
D3structedApr 15, 2019 00:51 (#3530)
Is there a way to select a Concorde Airframe/Aircraft? I've been wanting to do a default Concorde flight but no website supports the Concorde routes which makes it unable and it's very frustrating! If there is a way, please do tell me!
TomyxApr 14, 2019 19:03 (#3529)

What is your problem with the site?
ToskaiApr 14, 2019 15:23 (#3528)
The website doesn't seem to generate flight files anymore. it keeps loading..
for the rest: great website!
TomyxApr 14, 2019 08:27 (#3526)
You can try to use any airports, no matter if it is appearing in the autocomplete list or not.
HighBypassApr 13, 2019 19:15 (#3522)
I've been using this software for some time now. It is my go-to flight planner for FSX:SE. I was wondering when Dakar's new airport may be added to the database? (GOBD) Blaise Diagne International Airport?
okanergknilApr 12, 2019 19:17 (#3518)
Hello thank you for helping I have some request please add to new Istanbul airport icao code is LTFM thanks a lot have a nice day
NobbiApr 04, 2019 09:10 (#3471)
In the list of the Metars departure and approach airfileds are reversed when your destination is a military airfield. Also the route picture shows the wrong direction. (Tested with route EDDH-ETNW and EDDW-ETND). It might be a problem with the ICAO identifier ETxx instead od EDxx for military airfields in Germany)
JayApr 04, 2019 04:07 (#3469)
Can you add the Beechcraft B58 to the list?