What is this?
Online Flight Planner
LukeEAug 04, 2018 22:46 (#2579)
All back up now, apart from the issues that occasionally happen, great tool!!!
AkinAug 04, 2018 20:31 (#2578)
Pls buy a SERVER because I m trying 7 hours to dowland a route
StefanAug 04, 2018 18:50 (#2577)
What a bastatrd are you it's your side bother you drumm
StefanAug 04, 2018 18:40 (#2576)
Now I have an alternative if it does not work as long as I shoot, I get angry
StefanAug 04, 2018 18:38 (#2575)
And when is she back in there ey it is your side then call me an alternative
MarvAug 04, 2018 16:39 (#2574)
Can not generates any route ?whats teh problem ?
LukeEAug 04, 2018 15:32 (#2573)
yes, i've been having the same issue, i checked on rfinder and it says the same thing, but the fuel planner is alright
TomyxAug 04, 2018 14:14 (#2572)
It is because of an essential third party service is failing. Sorry, but it can't be fixed by me.
MitchellAug 04, 2018 08:15 (#2571)
It keeps saying "too many requests" and it won't stop doing it. Please fix this site, I don't want to switch to a other site.
krishAug 04, 2018 07:24 (#2570)
It keeps on saying too many requests