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TomyxJun 26, 2021 13:49 (#6451)
Hi James,

I updated the icao code of the mentioned airport.
JamesJun 26, 2021 11:33 (#6449)

Harare International which was FVHA is now FVRG. You can actually find FVHA when you enter the ICAO on the route planner but it won't create a route successfully. You can't find FVRG as an ICAO so you can't build a route to that instead. Please can you update the ICAO list so you can create a route to Harare International. Thank you.
KarolJun 17, 2021 11:37 (#6436)
Does anybody works finder flightpath?
DmitriyMay 12, 2021 10:54 (#6209)
You do not have an airport near Rostov-on-Don with ICAO: URRP
pepMay 02, 2021 17:16 (#6193)
Donde se guarda un plan creado
DietrichsnMay 02, 2021 12:45 (#6192)
sehr interessant
AvaApr 20, 2021 22:25 (#6185)
i keep getting this message "Retrieving flight plan from RouteFinder and fuel info from Fuelplanner"

ChickenTIkkaApr 20, 2021 08:34 (#6179)
This is great for X-Plane and Little Navmap
magirus98Apr 16, 2021 13:48 (#6162)
Thnk's to you I have always correct flight plans with fuel load. Thank you!!
AmadouApr 02, 2021 17:03 (#6087)
Très bonne plateforme pour la génération d'OFP
Juste je me demandais pourquoi il n'y a toujours pas GOBD (Blaise Diagne intl)